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ompl_lemur: LEMUR for OMPL

The ompl_lemur package provides the core implementation of the LEMUR motion planner: Lazily Evaluated Marginal Utility Roadmaps.

ompl_lemur is part of the LEMUR repository (hosted on github) which includes these packages:


LEMUR is implemented in C++ as a planner for the Open Motion Planning Library (OMPL) via the ompl_lemur::LEMUR class. A detailed description, as well as usage examples, are provided in the LEMUR Planner page.


ompl_lemur::LEMUR uses the Boost Graph Library (BGL) for roadmap representation and core search algorithms. Additional algorithms for BGL graphs are implemented in the pr_bgl package in the LEMUR repository.

ompl_lemur provides a facility to create several common types of BGL roadmaps over an OMPL state space using the ompl_lemur::Roadmap class. Types of roadmaps currently implemented include Random Geometric Graphs (RGGs) and Halton graphs. See the Roadmaps page for more information about the various roadmap types.

Planning over C-Space Families

See the Family Planning page for more information about the family planning code.


LEMUR is written by Chris Dellin at the Personal Robotics Lab at the Robotics Intitute, Carnegie Mellon University. It was released on April 9, 2015 under a BSD license.

Source code for this package is on GitHub.