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LEMUR Planner

Here is top-level documentation for how to use the implementation of LEMUR for OMPL.

The primary planner is ompl_lemur::LEMUR, a derived class of ompl::base::Planner. It takes the following arguments:

The roadmap to be searched is an instance of a roadmap type which subclasses ompl_lemur::Roadmap. Some of the classes implemented are described on the Roadmaps page!

For an overview, see the main page.


In addition to the construction arguments above, LEMUR takes the following parameters:


Optimization coefficients

These parameters specify the weights on the objective function optimized by the planner at each iteration.

Search type: search_type (string)

This parameter specifies which algorithm is used for the inner search performed by LazySP. Currently supported values include:

Evaluation selector type: eval_type (string)

This parameter specifies which edge selector is used to select edges for evaluation at each iteration. Currently supported values include:

Other parameters